Virtual: From Athens to Constantinople and back to Athens again

What was the difference between Romans and Greeks at the time of the fall of Constantinople in 1453? Both terms were used, but they did not denote interchangeable identities and they pointed to different political projects. This presentation will explore fissures of religious identity (pro- and anti-Union) and the crucial role played by foreign conquest, whether by Turks (who maintained Roman identities) or by Latins (who imposed neo-Greek identities). In between these fissures, there also existed a tiny group of “Hellenes,” who nostalgically sought a revival of antiquity. Who were all these different groups and what were their politics? Who won in this struggle for identity?

With presentations by

Dr. Anthony Kaldellis, PHD.

Professor of Classics at The Ohio State University, and Chair of the Department of Classics

Dr. Kaldellis will deliver a lecture entitled, “The Homeland, the Diaspora, and the Fall of Constantinople, Romans and Greeks on the Cusp of Modernity”

Dr. Alexander Kitroeff, PHD.

Professor of History at Haverford College

Dr. Kitroeff will deliver a lecture entitled “From Hellenes to Romioi and Back Again”

Hosted at

The Diakonia Retreat Center


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